Leadership Development Strategy

Companies around the world spend billions each year on leadership training workshops, webinars, certificates, and the like and much of that money is wasted. That’s because most leadership development training happens in a vacuum. Employees attend a one-off session, return to their desks, and quickly forget what they learned. The strategic implications of this missed opportunity can be significant. Given the massive shift to virtual work environments and hybrid models that combine remote and onsite work, we at BCG believe that transformational leadership the kind that fosters a culture of empowerment and inclusion, engages employees, and builds high-performing, agile teams is more important than ever. Our approach to leadership development is both highly operational and tightly linked to value creation: We start by pinpointing the two or three capabilities leaders need in order to fundamentally change the performance trajectory of the organization. Next, we leverage real-world tools and solutions that can be incorporated into leaders’ daily and weekly routines. It’s not leadership development training; it’s targeted executive coaching that changes how people show up and lead every day at work. Finally, we shape the context in which leaders operate such as navigating the org chart, establishing effective governance, and rethinking which metrics are tracked and rewarded to ensure that the organizational culture and leadership development agenda are mutually reinforcing.